Delivery and shipping

All the software products on this site for purchase are shipped online as a downloadable link directly from the site

The client can download the software once they complete registration in the specified form and completion of the payment process.

Medisyn will specify each product with its features and compatibilities and in case of any difficulty in downloading or installing the software the user can send mail to our support team.

Each product will be delivered online either free/full version with an executable file and product key.

All the products require verification and activation after downloading and installing the product.

Cancellation and refund policy

In case of an unavailability of product online even after payment, the user may be offered a latest executable file.

In case of incomplete or double transaction, the excess amount paid may be adjusted accordingly as a refund.

 The clients can register a complaint reporting an error in the software any time by the link provided in the registration page.

All the issues raised by the clients will be resolved within a short period by our technical team.

If client finds still any unresolved issue, they can notify us with reference to previous correspondence, which will be resolved immediately.

Medisyn assures that any issue raised reporting error in the software or features specified during the purchase will be resolved with no extra charge within one year from the purchase of the product.

If the issue raised by the client requires extra feature or extra customisation than specified during purchase of the product, an extra charge will be taken accordingly.

If the product involves any technical malfunction or error which cannot be resolved, a complete refund of the amount paid will be offered to the client.

If a client wants to cancel the purchase even the product successfully installed in the client computer and without any technical fault in the product, no refund of payment will be offered.

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